Ethernaut x Foundry

In this series, we will go over the solutions Ethernaut, a popular wargame which focuses on security vulnerabilities found in DeFi. As a bonus, we will use the rust-based development toolkit Foundry!

Articles in this series

Ethernaut x Foundry - 0x0 Hello Ethernaut

Feb 28, 20225 min read 1.9K views

Quick Introduction and Setup Instructions · Foundry Primer Foundry is a portable, fast and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development. It is a...

Ethernaut x Foundry - 0x0 Hello Ethernaut
Ethernaut x Foundry - 0x1 Fallback
Ethernaut x Foundry - 0x2 Fallout
Ethereum x Foundry - 0x3 Coinflip
Ethereum x Foundry - 0x4 Telephone
Ethernaut x Foundry - 0x5 Token