Setting up Flashbots RPC for Frame ETH Wallet

Setting up Flashbots RPC for Frame ETH Wallet

Protect your transactions against front-running attacks

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·Feb 5, 2022·

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Quick Introduction

Frame is a Desktop-native Ethereum wallet that I have been using for the past months. Since its latest release, it has entirely replaced Metamask for me. Here are a few of its characteristics, and why you could be interested in trying it out:

  • Very pleasant UI/UX (see preview below)
  • Seamless integration for all main hardware wallets: Ledger, Trezor, GRID+
  • Support for all EVM-compatible chains (ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM, etc.), testnets, and L2s
  • and most importantly no more Chrome <> Ledger Live bridge shenanigans

It just works!


What's the deal with Flashbots?

I am by no mean remotely knowledgeable on Miner Extractable Value, MEV for shorts and this post is not meant to go into depths about the topic.

In short, routing your transactions to the Flashbots RPC will do three things:

  1. Hide your pending transactions from the mempool
  2. Protect you from wasting precious ETH on failed transactions (gas won't be used)
  3. Protect you from frontrunning and sandwich attacks (you can check out if you have been a victim of this in the past on sandwiched.wtf)

All of that for the price of... nothing! It's entirely free. Crazy right? Have some of that web3.0 dev community vibe, will ya.

Steps to follow

Assuming you have already successfully installed the wallet

  1. Summon the wallet side window using Alt+/ (Option+/ on macOS)
  2. Click on the antenna-shaped icon left from the Settings menu
  3. Below Mainnet, open up the drop-down menu. By default, it should display Infura as the chosen RPC
  4. Select Custom and paste the following RPC URL: https://rpc.flashbots.net

Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 9.31.49 PM.png

That's all you need to safeguard your precious ETH.

If you found this useful, go ahead and share it to others - help spread the word!


https://docs.flashbots.net/flashbots-protect/rpc/quick-start https://github.com/floating/frame

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